You Make the Call

Situation: Not much going on today – you don’t have any appointments scheduled, no cold-calls to make, and you’ve mailed all of your response post cards. There were no leads to follow-up from that talk you gave at the Rotary Club last week, and you came up empty at that business card exchange luncheon.

Action: It’s time to take a thorough look at your prospecting mix, and make the changes necessary to produce more solid leads. if one of your activities simply aren’t working, it’s time to eliminate them, no matter how uncomfortable you may be by making the change. If one of your activities is producing leads steadily, but not as well as another activity, then change the formula. Cut back on less productive activities, and increase the activities that have been most responsible for sending you to the bank. your prospecting mix is a dynamic part of your selling career, and you’ve got to stay on top of the plan, fine-tuning constantly to build your client base.

Taken from SandlerBrief Volume IV, Issue III

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