Commission Plans

  • Are you Paying too much for what you believe you are getting?
  • Have you created an Incentive Plan, or a Commission Plan?
  • Are you comfortable with your payment philosophy for your sales team?
  • Strategies for Success has the experience to structure your commission plan to match your financial and marketing objectives!


    Is Your Team:

  • Lowering prices to get business?
  • Creating unnecessary proposals or not closing business?
  • Not following the Goal Based Activity Plans for your business?

    Strategies for Success will audit your prospecting, qualifying, and closing activities and show which sales team issues need to be addressed.

    Territory Plans

    Do you know what types, sizes, and locations of businesses are the most profitable for your company to call on?

    Strategies for Success will develop a Territory Plan which you can execute and will enable you to achieve your companies sales goals.

    Sales Process

    Traditional selling techniques often place the sales professional in the awkward position of responding to the prospect’s initiatives, rather than confidently managing the sales process. After a while, even the sharpest salespeople begin to feel like they’re dancing with two left feet.

    To address the problem, many sales trainers promote “quick fix” sales solutions that teach dance-weary professionals the “fancy footwork” they need to cope with a bad situation. These programs focus on one-liners and techniques that rapidly lose their effectiveness because today’s sophisticated prospect simply will not tolerate them.

    The Sandler Selling System is different. Instead of emphasizing technique, it fosters an attitude of leadership. In this way, the Sandler Selling System breaks all the conventional rules that have made the sales process ineffective and demeaning. From the approach to the close, Sandler clients learn how to assertively and professionally take charge of the sales process. And once they take the lead, they learn how to never surrender the initiative. The Sandler Selling System gives its clients something far more valuable than canned phrases and clever retorts. It provides them with an entirely new road map… the path leading to lasting success.


    Sales Process Implementation

    The Sandler Selling System champions honest, no-nonsense sales techniques that get results and yet preserve the sale’s professional’s self-respect. The System embodies a comprehensive new approach to selling, the mastery of revolutionary techniques, and a whole new attitude toward the sales process in general. Moreover, it challenges salespeople to treat their prospects the way they want to be treated: as intelligent, thinking individuals.

    Sandler’s ideas and methods remain on the cutting edges of selling–where he committed his life to keeping them. Today, the Sandler Sales Institute continues to delive on his promises. We demand excellence in management and sales training and we insist on using state-of-the-art delivery systems. And, we continue to back our superb training with the constant support necessary to make a lasting difference.

    Forecast / Pipeline

    Do you have the following Indicators:

  • Cashflow Issues?
  • Too much or too little Inventory?
  • Over or Understaffed?
  • Clueless on what is going to Close, and When?
  • Clients wait for End of Period ‘Discounts’? (Read, ‘we have to push this out the door, quick!’)

  • Strategies for Success creates and implements a Sales Forecast system with you to solve these issues.