Sandler Rule: A life without Risk, is a life without Growth

Sandler Training

Sandler Training

Repeat orders from your existing customers are getting you close enough to your monthly quota to keep your sales manager off your back.  You are relatively happy with the predictable amount of your monthly commission checks.  Life is good, or is it?

Your best customers are at the top of your competitors’ prospect lists.
Things could change overnight.  You are either growing or you are dying.  There is no in between.
If you want to grow, you’ll need to take some risks.  What will you have to risk?
Being abused by gatekeepers who believe their sole mission is to prevent you from talking
to the company decision makers.
Being rejected by prospects who have no interest or need for your product or service.
Hearing a prospect say  no after you made your most polished professional presentation.
None of the risks are life-threatening, though some may bruise your ego.  However, if you learn from your experiences, you and your ego will become stronger and your life will become richer  .

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