Sales People are Professionals – Part 4

What makes a professional? A professional is characterized as any individual requiring specialized knowledge, possible technical knowledge, conforming to ethical standards and engaged in receiving a financial return.

Specialized knowledge in sales is communication skills. Doctors, lawyers, accountants invest in themselves to develop their specialized knowledge every year. Sales people specialized knowledge is their communication skills but what do most sales people do to reinforce their skill level? Nothing, That’s right, Nothing.

Would you go to a surgeon for an operation that hasn’t cracked open a medial book in 20 years. Maybe the reason why John Q. Public shows little respect for sales people is that we do not grow professionally in our careers because we don’t seek the continuous training and development of our skills like other professionals.

This is Mark Miller with Strategies for Success, Sandler Sales Institute, 713-957- 2377. And that’s TODAY’S SALES MEETING MINUTE.

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