Sales People are Professionals – Part 1

Many people in sales feel like they are not professionals as compared to doctors, lawyer, accountants, etc. In fact, many sales people might feel that like they are second class citizens or they feel the general population thinks that sales people are some kind of pond scum.

If you think selling falls into any of these categories, you would be wrong. For my family and I, selling has been a very rewarding career both financially and self development. Think about it, we have the best economy in the entire world. However, our whole economy is based on someone buying and someone selling.

There is nothing to be ashamed of by saying you’re a professional sales person. You might not like the looks you get but you know John Q Public can’t survive without us. More to come on Sales People Are Professionals on future Sales Meeting Minutes.

This is Mark Miller, Sandler Sales Institute, 713-957-2377. And that’s TODAY’S SALES MEETING MINUTE

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