Go for the Goal

Goal setting is a job.
Sandler Training

Sandler Training

It takes time and effort.  The very act of

setting goals can be threatening to some people.  They don’t
set goals because they are afraid they won’t fulfill them or
because they don’t know how to begin the process of goal
setting.  Not only do these people deprive themselves of
success, they lack the guidance that well thought out goals
Material goals are worthwhile; however, it is the intangible
ones’  your core value goals, your life goals that really drive
your behavior to achieve the material goals.  Intangible goals
never stop evolving.  Your tangible goals must be part of your
life goals.  Otherwise you may find yourself reaching your
tangible goals and then asking yourself, Is that all there is?
As originally published in Sandler Monthly Newsletter Volume IV Issue VI.  Read the most recent here.

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